Suicide and Its Preventions


It’s probably a relief to the really suicidal people, though

While I don’t want to jinx myself, I am somewhat upset that not one person has mentioned the “end of the world” happening on the 21st.

Crappy job? Yes.

This woman I was talking to was having problems at her job. She works in engineering in some capacity, but is not an engineer (is a designer of some sort or something?). Last year, she was transferred from working with bridges and things like that to sewer development, and she hates it. Part of the reason is because she’s not prepared for the new job tasks and the different things they have her doing.

The other main part, though, is that she abhors sewers. And not in the “This is so boring and tedious” way, but in the “I have not been able to eat or sleep this whole past year because I have to draw sewer systems all day.” I don’t know if she’s imagining the (literal) crap that is going through the sewers she’s drawing, but she’s lost a ton of weight and hates all her co-workers because they chose to work with sewers. It’s like, I don’t know, she was talking about designing torture chambers for the state.

The other funny part was that throughout the whole call, she would ask and answer her own rhetorical questions. Is losing all this weight good? No. No it is not. Is she suicidal? No. Upset? Yes. Tired? Yes. Do my coworkers like me? Yes. Do I like them? No.

Have you heard of the story of Romeo and Juliet? My life is just like that. His friends say, ‘She’s just a whore.’ My friends tell me, ‘Don’t trust him, he’s a rapist.’ Why can’t they just let our love be?

- from a chronic caller

May 8

Maybe it’s Morse code

I think my most recent call was the first time someone had called talking about their house being haunted… and it wasn’t even a prank! She said her place has been haunted for the whole year she’s been there, but it’s only tonight that she’s ever felt scared; she was hearing tapping in random rooms and it was slowly getting closer and closer.

Whatever’s going on, I blame it on Mother’s Day.

May 8

Needlessly upsetting holidays

"I’m really upset since it’s Mother’s Day today."

"How long as it been since you’ve seen your kids?"

"Oh, I’ve never had children."

"Are you upset because you never got to have kids?"

"No. It’s just an upsetting day, is all."

This week’s trend in suicidal callers

This week: women in their 20s, with a child under the age of 5, who have really intense family problems. They are all suicidal, and some are planning on killing themselves on a specific day within the week. I’ve had to trace a couple of them. 

Happy Spring.

Cold blooded~~

I am always surprised at how boring most people’s relationship drama is. Usually, they’re just fighting, or sometimes they cheat on each other, but really, none of that is new.

However, I can think of one particularly cold blooded (and so bad-it’s-depressingly-hilarious) incident. This guy had been suspecting that his girlfriend had been cheating on him, and started going through their shared computer for clues. He finds out that she’s been on a dating website, and somehow discovers that she uses his name as her password.

He logs into her profile and starts chatting with a guy she’s talked to recently, trying to find out details about her activities. The internet guy reveals that they had been having an affair, and the caller, probably against his better judgment, began to talk dirty with the other guy while sobbing the whole time. Finally, he confronts her about it, and she vehemently denies it and moves out of the house, taking their daughter with her. Then, she tells everyone on Facebook that she has a restraining order on him, and that he is a wanted felon and to stay away from him.

Needless to say, he was a bit of a wreck.

The laziest persuasive argument ever

Caller: What would you do in my situation?

Me: Well, I can’t really talk about myself. And besides, what I would or wouldn’t do in your situation may be completely unhelpful because we’re different people with different ways of handling things.

Caller: Okay, well, think about it like this instead… let’s say, hypothetically… you were in my situation. What would you do?”

My husband is either just yelling at me or is silent.

- Caller who was monologuing at me like she was reading from an Ayn Rand novel. I WONDER WHY HE’S LIKE THAT.

Whitewashing by drinking bleach

One other bad thing about talking to some callers (that thankfully doesn’t happen very often) is having to form safety plans with assholes. And I’m not talking about people who are openly hostile to me, I mean people who say blatantly offensive racist/heterosexist/ableist/etc. kinds of things. The worst part about fostering a non-judgmental relationship is that people feel comfortable saying many different things they wouldn’t normally say to anyone, including the terrible stuff.

What’s probably worse is that since I’m not allowed to give out any personal information, these people have no idea whether or not I’m part of a given minority group, save for inferring my gender and perhaps my age range from my voice. Thus, saying anything negative about race, class, ability, etc. shows a complete lack of consideration.